Understanding Pet Insurance

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance helps to cover the costs of veterinary care if your pet becomes ill or injured. Certain pet insurance plans also provide benefits for vaccinations, theft and third party liability.

Why is there a need to buy a pet insurance?

Pets are often regarded as our own family members. Unfortunately, they are prone to illnesses, injuries or might face an accident. With a pet insurance, it can help with the unexpected costs arising out of medical mishaps or the case when your pet is stolen or even lost.

Is there a requirement for my pet to be micro-chipped?

To be eligible for insurance, most insurers will require your pet to be micro-chipped. If your pet is not micro-chipped, you will probably have to pay a higher premium for the same cover from the insurer who accepts your insurance application.

How does breed affects the pet insurance?

The breed of your dog may or may not matter, depending on the insurer. Be mindful to read through the terms and conditions thoroughly to find out the excluded breeds before making a purchase.

Are pre-existing conditions covered?

Generally, pre-existing conditions such as hereditary, congenital or skin conditions are not covered.





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